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.: Deep Purple :. by Ku83N

critiquing because why the hell not?

first, I'll start off with what I like about this picture. I like the way you have the detail of the fur and the darker bits. They really make look more like the face is 3D instead of a flat image. I really like how you've done the nose as well, you did the detail well on that as well.

As for improvement, the eye does look a little odd. I somewhat agree with what the other person said (that the pupil needs to be darker), however I do not think that is entirely the problem since some artists (including myself) do not do black pupils. I believe the problem is that it is too blurred and not defined and therefore it looks less pupil like. I also feel that the blurriness of the eye also throws it off. Next time, I think that if it looked less blury it might show some more refinement. As for the shape of the eye, i feel that it is a little off as well. It looks less oval like at the bottom of the eye while the curve should look similar to the curve at the top of the eye if that makes sense. I also see a bit of pixelyness around the edges of the eye. I'm not sure how that happened, but trying to avoid that would also be good as well.

All in all, I think you've got the face down, it's just the eye that needs a little work. Keep on drawing hun! Everyone makes mistakes however we all can improve, I hope you continue to keep improving, I think you'll be a great artist if you do.
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