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January 23, 2013
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:PotP: Denzel by AkaPanuka :PotP: Denzel by AkaPanuka
finally updated this!
The information is a bit iffy, so I'll be fixing that soon too, anyway enjoy the new picture for now

Name: Denzel

Gender: Male

Age: 5 years

Breed: Lion + snow leopard mix breed

Rank: Harbinger

Alliance: Ray-Pathers

Current Path Colour: Cyan Path (Second stage)
Negative Influence|:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
Positive Influence|:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
Total Power| 10
Difficulty to Achieve| Very Hard

Starting Path Colour: Blue path

Total No. Of Colour Shifts: 4

No. Of in group Colour Shifts: 0


Denzel was born as a rouge cat to a dying mother and he had no father. His mother was always feeble and weak from feeding Denzel and his sister Lin, and even though she was a good mother, there was not a lot that she could provide for her two cubs. She was an old and battle worn cat that eventually grew sick before either Denzel or Lin could grow up, and the two young Culions were left to fend for themselves after she grew ill and passed away. The mother told her two cubs to join up with the rest of the Culions, the group that had left the rotting City, however Denzel decided not to and he decided that he was strong enough to hunt and care for himself and his sister.

Soon the two siblings grew of age to find their Path-Powers, Lin started with yellow while Denzel started on blue. Even though they both found these powers intriguing, they avoided Path-Finding at all costs, fearing that it would be too dangerous. One day the two were ambushed by a pack of Hell Hounds, and unfortunately, Lin didn’t survive the battle. Denzel was unable to retrieve his sister’s body and he had to flee from the savage mutts. Lost and unsure of what to do anymore now that is sister was dead; he was grieving for weeks on end, not getting over the death of his sister. Denzel wandered around endlessly, unsure of what to do with himself or with his Path-Powers.

One day, Denzel was attacked by a pack of Hell Hounds again. He was weak and feeble like his mother with no motivation to care for himself or to keep his strength up, and he was losing his interest in living altogeher. He was prepared to meet his fate there and now, however just as the Hell Hounds were about to tear the young Culion to shreds, a group of cats flocked in and pried him from the dog’s jaws. Luckily the young Culion hadn’t suffered from anything more than a broken leg. He was so skinny and weak, the cats that saved him weren’t even sure if he would survive or not. Eventually, they managed to nurse Denzel back to health and he was able to feel strong and healthy again.

He was very curious about this group of rouges, they let him live with them and they accepted him as their own. They were all different and came from different places, and they were nice cats to live with, Soon Denzel started to get his spark back for living. They did Path-Finding as a kind of sport, some Culions sent humans back to their world while others decided to kill them. Even though they didn’t always agree, the competition was always healthy within the group. The main problem he noticed with these cats was that they didn’t have a leader, and often argued about what to do or where to travel. Denzel decided to get try and solve these disputes now and then, and soon he found himself doing this all the time. If cats ever had arguments or disagreements, they would come to him so he could sort things out. The Culions saw Denzel as a wise cat, he liked to leave the group for long periods of time, even weeks sometimes to travel. He had learnt a lot about the Sanguis and Kukiril, two groups of cats just like this one that resided near a territory of humans where they could safely Path-Find.

Denzel became a very wise cat, and his decisions soon became law within this group of Culions. If they were to do something, Denzel had to approve of it first. He was a friendly, considerate and smart Culion, and he soon came to realise that he had become leader of this band of rouges. He was happy to lead them and he would have it no other way. One day, he decided to test how much his disciples trusted him. He told them that they were going to go and find permanent land to reside on, and he told them that it would be beside the Kukiril and Sanguis borders.

His Culions didn’t know what to think of this, some were a little reluctant to go, however some agreed with Denzel whole-heartedly. After much debate and worry, all the cats decided to go through with Denzel’s plan, and then Denzel went to have a meeting with the leaders of Kukiril and Sanguis.

Hati and Crest, the two current Leaders, refused Denzel’s request at first, not wanting the trouble of a rouge band of cats living alongside them. Denzel came to them both a few times, pleading for them to let him move in. He was a sweet young cat, not what they expected a rouge to be like, and after a lot of time and effort, Hati and Crest set aside some land for these cats to move in. These cats were then nicknamed the ‘Ray-Pathers’, and the name stuck with them ever since.

Denzel is good at many things; however he still has his own personal fears and demons. He is secretly afraid of Hell Hounds and will avoid going into battle with them at all costs. He also can become irrational or harsh when he is stressed, nervous or scared, causing him to make bad decisions and mistakes. He is also greatly affected by other Culions’s injuries and deaths. He can become very down and upset when bad things happen to cats of his Alliance, also causing him to also make stupid decisions. He is still troubled by a lot of things, but hides with his determination and joyful personality

| Optimistic | Friendly | Childish | Shy | Easily hurt or offended |

He always tries to look on the bright side of life, even if his brain is telling him otherwise. He likes to keep his spirits high and he never wishes to become a depressed loner again. He believes that things could always be worse and will keep his spirits high for the sake of his cats.

He is friendly when meeting new cats or when discussing things with his alliance mates. Denzel will always try to sound nice and respectful when he is discussing things with other cats, even if it is a serious matter. He likes to play around with the cubs and Tyros, and is never mean or grumpy towards them unless he is in a bad mood.

He can be known to whine about things and have a childish way about him; this sometimes leads other Culions to believe that he is simple however he isn’t as simple as he may seem. He enjoys having a little bit of childish fun now and then to get a break from his stressful job as a Harbinger, and he is happy to go on little miniature adventures with other members of his alliance

Even though he has a strong and power way about him in his own alliance, he is easily intimidated by cats that he does not know. He usually has a softer and more reserved voice when talking to strangers, he is only good at being outgoing around cats he knows.

Easily hurt or offended
Small things can make him very sad or upset, even if it is just a little bit of judgment or criticism. He doesn’t like to be talked to harshly or bluntly and he can get very defensive when other cats do this to him.

:bulletblack: Lin- Dead

:bulletblue:Good Friend

|:bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletorange: Otis |
"You're a pretty good fellow I guess, I don't hate you as much as Silv so I guess that's a good thing. Just remember that I won't hesitate to do anything bad to you if I have too. I respect you, but not that much"

|:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletorange:Silvius |
"You....really kind of scare me you know? I really don't like you. You are twisted and evil, I prefer the old Harbinger to you, at least he had SOME restraint, you give make me feel really uncomfortable...and I don't really like you at all."

|:bulletyellow::bulletblack::bulletwhite: Taegan |
" Eh...I guess you're alright but...I'm not sure I really like you I mean, you are a bit full of yourself. I can see why Silvius would have chosen you but...I think you need to realize that you're not the most amazing thing out there...yea I'm not to sure about what to think about you."

RP example: from #OfStarsAndClans

Singewhisker sat and huffed, her anger starting to rise and her blood starting to boil. She was tired of this unnecessary waiting, they should have been here ages ago, they could be out training right now however instead, the warrior was sitting here and doing nothing, nothing productive what so ever. This was a was of valuable time, and the worst part was that the she-cat couldn't do a thing about it.

She soon spotted Windchill making her way over towards the broken tree, and Singewhisker couldn't be more relieved. Any more waiting and she would have sworn that she would start picking out each hair on her body one by one. She frowned at Windchill's sarcastic comment. The brown cat couldn't expect better from that mangy hair ball. "Any more smart remarks like that and you'll have a mouse bone in your face." She let out a soft purr of amusement as she sprung to her feet, a mischievous look plastered on her face. "Then they'll probably have to change your name to Boneface. Haha, it would be hilarious." She settled herself back down, pulling her excitement under control as she gave her chest a few quick licks. It was hard to keep clean when you had so much fur, Windchill didn't know just how lucky she was.

"So where are the apprentices? Did you come here alone just to smite me mouse-brain?" Singewhisker asked with a small smirk on her face, once she was done with her grooming. She would have thought that Windchill would have brought the apprentices along but they were no where to be seen. Was she trying to get on the aggressive she-cat's nerves? The warrior stood back up and then stretched, flexing her claws with a small yawn. "I hope you've been training your apprentice well. What was it? Slatepaw or something?" She gave her paw a few quick licks, running it over her ears. "Me and Mudpaw don't mess around, you'll be lucky to keep up with us." She said in a challenging tone. There was noting better than out-doing Windchill of course, she was going to have fun with all of this.

Singewhisker kept her eyes peeled and her senses awake as she looked around for the other two cats. What was Windchill playing at? Did she like to keep the she-cat waiting? Either way, soon they would be out and they would be testing their apprentices skills, and Singewhisker was counting on Mudpaw to make an impression.
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